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CSS Development with CSS3

CSS Development with CSS3MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 4 Hours 45M | 3.26 GBGenre: eLearning | Language: EnglishAnyone who has worked in web development for more than five minutes can tell you: the difference between an outstanding site and a terrible site is the quality of the CSS. With our CSS Tutorial for …

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jv16 PowerTools 2017 Multilingual

jv16 PowerTools 2017 4.x Multilingual + Portable | 17.87 MB jv16 PowerTools is a PC System Utilities Software that works by cleaning out unneeded files and data, cleaning the Windows registry, automatically fixing system errors and applying optimization to your system. OS – Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)Home Page – Download uploaded Download nitroflare Download 城通网盘 Download 百度云 Alternative …

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C++ – Direct2D Fundamentals

C++ – Direct2D FundamentalsMP4 | Video: AVC 1024×767 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 3.5 Hours | 383 MBGenre: eLearning | Language: English Direct2D is a native, immediate-mode, graphics rendering library that provides uncompromising performance.Its focus is on two-dimensional rendering, providing a rich array of primitives for rendering vector graphics, bitmaps and text.It’s designed to squeeze as much out …

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The Art Of Seeing – Creative Photography Composition

The Art Of Seeing – Creative Photography CompositionMP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 33M | 582 MBGenre: eLearning | Language: EnglishIt does not have to be a mystery as to why some people are better photographers than others. The good photographers have learned the laws of composition which dictate what is considered a poor …

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BinaryNow PDF Impress Multilingal

BinaryNow PDF Impress  是一款十分简单易用的 PDF 文档制作软件 使用: 只需要右键或者将需要制作的文档拖动到 PDF Impress 里即可。PDF Impress 支持最大 129 寸、2400 DPI 高分辨率的 PDF 文档制作!  BinaryNow PDF Impress 2015.10.x| 70.8 MB PDF Impress provides multiple ways of creating Adobe® PDF documents. Users can simply right click documents or drag and drop them into PDF shortcut on desktop. PDF Impress virtual printer enables PDF creation from any …

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Building Realtime Angular Controls

Building Realtime Angular ControlsMP4 | AVC 344kbps | English | 1024×576 | 15fps | 3h 26mins | AAC stereo 110kbps | 707 MBGenre: Video Training Learn to build six visual, realtime controls using Angular and front-end technologies such as Google Charts, Google Maps, and standard HTML5. We’ll work with four different sources of realtime data: SignalR, NodeJS, Firebase, and PubNub. …

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Bullzip PDF Printer Expert

该软件适用于所有提供了一个打印选项的应用软件,只需要简单地选择最近添加的 BullZip PDF Printer 而取代你通常使用的打印机即可,文档就会被转换和保存为 PDF 文件.。 BullZip PDF Printer 11x Final | 7.8 Mb BullZip PDF Printer is a tool that sets up a virtual printer in Windows, in order to create PDF files from all types of documents. This way, it allows any application to create PDF documents using just the print menu. During installation, it offers to …

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Learning Path: MongoDB Unlocked

Learning Path: MongoDB Unlocked HDRips | MP4/AVC, ~461 kb/s | 1280×720 | Duration: 07:20:33 | English: AAC, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.27 GB Genre: Development / Programming Explore and get the best out of MongoDBMongoDB is used to store and process large sets of data in ways that increase business value. MongoDB is also used for building interactive web …

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  • Rise and Shine PROPER-PLAZA

    《瑞思和夏恩(Rise & Shine)》是Super Mega Team制作的一款动作冒险游戏。拥有一把枪是很多人的梦想,如果这把枪能够使用不同的子弹和附加组件那就更是让人羡慕的事情了。《瑞思和夏恩》这款游戏就讲述了一个叫做瑞思的小男孩和一把名为夏恩的传奇之枪共同保卫家园的故事。游戏的主角瑞思生活在一个充满了经典的游戏人物的世界,有一天Nexgen星球的敌人前来入侵,他们拥有强壮的士兵和强大的活力。只有在夏恩这把传奇之枪的帮助下,他才能够生存下来并且拯救他的星球。 Description:Welcome to Gamearth, a once peaceful planet now threatened by the warmongering Space grunts of Nexgen. In the aftermath of their devastating first strike a child named Rise is forced to take on the sacred gun Shine – and with it the fate of his world. Shoot Fast, Think FasterRise & Shine is a true …

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  • Not Dying Today-TiNYiSO

  • Toricky-PLAZA

  • Professional Farmer 2017 Cattle and Cultivation-SKIDROW