Stern Pinball Arcade Star Trek-TiNYiSO

《斯特恩弹球中心(Stern Pinball Arcade)》是FarSight Studios, Inc.制作发行的一款益智游戏。这款游戏是 FarSight 与 Stern Pinball 公司一起合作开发的,Stern Pinball 公司是一家历史悠久,规模庞大的弹球机器制造商,公司 CEO Gary Stern 表示他们一直在为弹球游戏探索新的体验方式,以便吸引新生代的注意,不被时代所抛弃。


Star Trek™ Vengeance Premium (2013): is another outstanding game from designer, Steve Ritchie. Based on the new series of Star Trek films, players take on the role of Captain Kirk commanding the USS Enterprise in a fight to save the Federation. The game features easy-to-follow rules for novice players an incredible level of depth for experts, with 18 missions to play and 5 multiball modes, including three Captain’s Chair wizard modes! The playfield features spectacular lighting with over 60 tri-color LEDs, including seven Star Trek shield emblem inserts, color coded to indicate the primary targets in each of the mission modes.

Other notable features include the Warp Core Resonator shaker motor, USS Vengeance Disintegrator Super-Speed ball kicker and custom molded models of the USS Enterprise, USS Vengeance and two asteroids with LED flashers.

Publisher: FarSight Studios, Inc.
Developer: FarSight Studios, Inc.
Genre: Casual, Simulation

Release name: Stern.Pinball.Arcade.Star.Trek-TiNYiSO
Size 2.85GB
Links: SteamNFO

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