Atom Hub Toolshed v2 KONTAKT

Atom Hub Toolshed v2 KONTAKT

Atom Hub Toolshed v2 KONTAKT | 599 Mb
METALS – shovels, rakes, spades, tools, nails, buckets, bins, tins, tacks… WOOD – handles, barres, door hits, screeches, squeaks, knocks, beam hits, drawer rustles… LO-FI – The original Toolshed samples from the times it was firstly released. The Folder contains various metal, wood, plastic sounds caught on mic from another perspective. SOUNDSCRAPES – Looped samples of mostly metalish nature, created using various metal objects. TONAL – Category of standardly tuned samples. EXTRA – additional metal and wood sets here as well as many Drone (17) and Synth/Pad (30) patches, which were created using various Toolshed samples effected outside of Kontakt…

• 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
• 1,42 GB installed
• 230 nki files (1743 wav files) in 8 categories of sounds
• 5 RR variations (except Lo-Fi category)
• Looped “soundscrapes”, tuned metal, wooden, plastic items
• hits, clinks, squeaks and screeches
• Dark metalic drones and halucinatory pads
• Saturation, Cabinet, Phaser, Lo-Fi, Chorus, EQ, Delay, Reverb, Attack, Release controls

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