Writing Functional JavaScript Using Ramda (2017)

Writing Functional JavaScript Using Ramda (2017)

Writing Functional JavaScript Using Ramda
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This course will introduce you to the basics of functional programming in JavaScript including what pure functions are, currying, composition, and how to control the application flow in a functional way.

Writing good, clean, and maintainable JavaScript is a hard task. In this course, Writing Functional JavaScript Using Ramda, you will learn the basics of functional programming with the help of the Ramda library, so that you can you use to improve the quality of your JavaScript code. First, you will learn the benefits of writing pure functions. Next, you’ll explore how to use currying and partial application to produce more reusable code and how to create new functions by composing other functions. Finally you’ll learn how to control the flow of the application using only functions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills to write JavaScript code in a functional style that will help you produce code that is easier to maintain, to reuse and to test.

Writing Functional JavaScript Using Ramda (2017)

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